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The oil and gas industry is a pillar of the Nigerian economy and a major factor in Nigeriaís world standing. A member of OPEC, Nigeria is responsible for approx. 6% of the organization's annual oil production. TOTAL has been a partner since 1962 in the development of oil and gas in Nigeria, carrying out both Upstream and Downstream activities. Totalís stakes in various Nigerian projects reflect our long-term commitment to sustainable development of the country's economy, infrastructure and communities.

Exploration and the Niger Delta

The Niger Delta's sedimentary basin, made of deposits transported by the river Niger for millions of years, is one of the world's most extensive oil provinces. It occupies an immense area of over 300,000 sq. km, from the onshore to the Ultra deep waters. The continental section of the Delta and its extension into conventional offshore tracts contain 85% of the country's current oil and gas reserves; the remaining 15% are buried deep offshore, at water depths of more than 500m.

Oil exploration dates back to 1908 and was interrupted by the First World War. Exploration did not resume till 1937 and oil was first discovered in 1956. Nigeria joined OPEC in 1971 and formed the Nigerian National Oil Company, renamed the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in 1977. This company operates either alone or in joint venture with major foreign oil companies. There are four refineries at present in Nigeria: two in Port Harcourt and one each in Warri and Kaduna.

The nation's current potential output of over 2 million barrels of oil and condensate per day places Nigeria among the world's top ten producers. Nigeria's crude oil, produced in seven grades, is prized for its quality. Recoverable reserves, which represent approximately 40 years of production at present potential production rates, are among the world's largest. And the country's natural gas potential is more striking still, with estimated reserves of over 180 Tcf of associated and non associated gas.

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TOTAL Upstream Activities

TOTAL has been serving the Nigerian upstream hydrocarbons industry for half a century, in partnership with the Nigerian Government and in different equity associations with other private companies. Our company is the country's fourth-largest oil and gas producer through its involvement in more than 50 permits, including nine as operator.

In Nigeria, the upstream activities of the TOTAL Group are carried out by the following subsidiaries:

  • Total E&P Nigeria Limited (TEPNG), incorporated in May 1962, is the Operator of the NNPC/TEPNG Joint Venture,
  • TOTAL Upstream Nigeria Limited (TUPNI),
  • Various other TOTAL E&P Deepwater subsidiary companies.

The Total Group is also active in the commercialization of Nigerian gas through:

  • Total LNG Nigeria Limited, which holds a 15% interest in Nigeria LNG Ltd,
  • Brass Holding Company Limited, which holds a 15% interest in Brass LNG Ltd.
  • Its participation in supplying gas to the domestic market

Total has unrivaled commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Health, Safety and Environmental protection (HSE) and the welfare of its employees. Furthermore, the company is unequivocally committed to the Nigerian Content Development (NCD) policy of Nigeria's Federal Government, where it is a leader in building capacities through various development projects which give opportunities to Nigerians and Nigerian owned companies.

With a diverse work force of several nationalities and cultures working together, the Group's E&P Branch is making remarkable contributions to the socio-economic development of Nigeria through huge investments in world-class projects.

Upstream Acreage

TOTAL operates the following diversified portfolio:

  • OMLs 58, 99, 100, 102, concessions of the NNPC/TEPNG JV, (40% interest),
  • Amenam-Kpono Unitised Unit straddling OML 99 operated by TEPNG and OML 70 operated by Mobil (30.4% interest),
  • OML 130 PSC containing the Akpo field (24% interest),
  • OML 139 PSC (18% interest),
  • OPL 221 PSC (60% interest),
  • OPL 223 PSC (18% interest),
  • 45.9% of Block 1 in the JDZ (Sao Tome-Nigeria Joint Development Zone)

TOTAL Upstream Companies holds the following interests in the following leases and licenses:

  • 10% of the NNPC/SPDC/ TEPNG/ NAOC Joint Venture, operated by SPDC, comprising 27 OMLs,
  • 12.5% of the PSC for OML 118, containing the Bonga field, operated by SNEPCO,
  • 12.5% of the PSC for OML 135, operated by SNEPCO,
  • 40% of OML 112/117, as Technical Adviser of operator AMNI,
  • 40% of OML 136, as Technical Adviser to the operator CONOIL,
  • 40% of OPL 257, as Technical Adviser to the operator CONOIL,
  • 40% of OPL 257, as Technical Adviser of operator CONOIL,
  • 25.7% of OPL 285, operated by OENL.

Upstream operated development projects in progress

  • Onshore: OML 58 Upgrade Phase 1, including a 440MW Power Plant
  • Offshore: Amenam LT, Ofon Phase II,

Total Downstream.

500+ service stations and aviation fuel supplies. For more information on downstream activities visit the Total Nigeria Plc website at

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