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This environmental policy is the foundation of the EMS and states the Company's commitments and principles to sound environmental performance through the provision of a framework for action and the setting of environmental objectives and targets. Maintaining the quality of the Environment is of high priority to Total Upstream Companies in Nigeria. We are committed to safeguarding the environment and the prevention of pollution through the implementation of an effective Environmental Management System (EMS).

It is our policy to:

  • Execute our activities in compliance with applicable local and international environmental laws and regulations.
  • Enhance proper waste management through measures that encourage minimisation, recycle and reuse of processed waste.
  • Set objectives/targets and performance standards in order to promote continual improvements in environmental management system/performance and the prevention of pollution.
  • Systematically evaluate the environmental impact of our activities on the physical/socio-economic aspects of our operational environment and the implementation of corresponding mitigating measures.
  • Encourage individual responsibility for sound environmental management and the provision of adequate means and organisation as well as environmental training programmes for our employees and contractors.
  • Co-operate with federal, state and local governments and other relevant stakeholders in sharing/analysing emerging environmental issues/experiences, finding solutions to environmental problems and developing cost-effective, scientificallybased environmental standards.
  • Maintain corporate/departmental environmental monitoring programs, periodic auditing, inspections and internal reviews to assess environmental performance in compliance with our policy and governmental requirements.
  • Develop, maintain and update Emergency Contingency Plans for the protection of our operating environment and the provision of associated resources to mitigate the effect of accidental releases of oil, gas and hazardous chemicals.
  • Endeavour to manage natural resources in a responsible way, to preserve bio-diversity for future generations and promote sustainable development of our communities

With the continuous and permanent commitment of everyone, we will achieve these objectives.

I will regularly and personally ascertain that these objectives are met.

Guy Maurice
Managing Director / Chief Executive

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